The Falls, Ballisodare

In Ballisodare Village the river forms a series of ledges, pools, glides and mini falls and continues to the mouth of Ballisodare Bay where the river empties over the main ‘Falls’ which are very impressive and really fast flowing. There is a viewing area there funded under Town and Village Renewal and in association with Ballisodare Fishing Club.

At the viewing area you can see the people from the Fishing Club fishing and you might see salmon jumping in an attempt to come back into the river to breed. This salmon fishery, initially established by the Coopers of Markree in 1837 and now maintained by the fishing club, is one of the best in Ireland.

Ballisodare Community Council would like to thank Sligo County Council and Norris Plant Hire for their support with the project and the Ballisodare Fishing Club.

Spectacular Views

Did you spot the gorgeous new wall and fence over the weekend. The river and falls look spectacular with this new addition to our village!
The wall and fence were mainly funded via the Town and Village Renewal Scheme under an application by Ballisodare Community Council.

Special Areas of Conservation 

The river and Bay are special areas of conservation and special protection areas due to the importance of the habitats and species in this area.

There have mean Mills on the river for hundreds of years back to 650- both grain mills and flax and textile mills. The Avena Mills on the river were owned by a number of owners since 1800s one of whom were Middleton’s.  They milled wheat, oats, barley and maize for flour and animal feed. William Middleton was a great uncle of WB Yeats and Yeats came there  He wrote the poem Down By the Salley Gardens at the banks of the Ballisodare River.

The water in the river drove mills but  electricity has been generated on the Ballisodare river since 1930.

Video of The Falls

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